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hobbesian-world 霍布斯的世界 Hobbesian(英国政治哲学家)霍布斯的 Hobbes霍布斯(①姓氏 ②Thomas, 1588-1679, 英国哲学家) 例句 1.We cannot get along in a world filled with deceit and defection; such a worldbecomes a Hobbesian war of al...

world[英][wɜ:ld][美][wɜ:rld] n.世界; 地球; 领域; 尘世; 复数:worlds 例句: 1. The world cannot afford a trade war with chinese characteristics. 世界承受不起一场中国特色的贸易战争。 2. Japan is the world's second larges...

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