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tAkE EFFort to Do

make an effort/make efforts: 尽力; 努力;作出努力; 强调主观上付出努力,相当于try one's best to do。 I finally agreed that I would make efforts to do so later on and left the chat quickly. 我终于同意以后会找机会聊一聊,就匆匆地...

take effort to do sth 比喻大费手脚,一般的意思是花费精力做某事

make effort后接to do sth 不接doing,其中effort常用复数.make efforts to do sth.努力做某事

make an effort to do是其正确的用法。 make an effort to do的意思为努力做某事。 它的例句如下: 1. They are paragraphs that arrived up as I started to make an make an effort to do 、 myresearch...... 当我开始慢慢努力地做我的调查时...

make efforts to 正确 做出努力去完成某事 make intense/great efforts to do 付出巨大的努力去做某事......

答案:C 解释:take effort to do sth 表示“努力做某事”。 翻译:斯密斯先生努力地把工作做好。 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)

take effects to do =make efforts to do 不遗余力做某事

make efforts to do sth与make an effort to do sth意思与用法完全相同,翻译为“努力做某事情” 例句: He makes efforts to achieve his dream. 他尽力实现自己的梦想。 类似的短语还有: make a friend with make friends with

pay an effort to 付出努力 双语对照 例句: 1. In april, the government offered to pay some foreign workers to return home in aneffort to take some strain off the nation's welfare system. 4月,政府为一些外籍劳工提供回国路费以缓解...

make efforts to do something all my efforts paid of All my efforts went down the drain,just because of a few itchy fingers attached to my hand.我脑子进水使得我所有的努力全白费了.

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